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Who we are

Contrast is a production company based in Toronto, Canada, specialising in photography, videography & film-making. Photography to us is more than a project as we strive to capture the artistic beauty of the world to a camera lens. At Contrast production, we believe that each project deserves to be unique and packed with creativity. Photography is more than pointing the camera and clicking an image, for it is more an art form that requires patience, innovation, and technique. There are several angles that can highlight a subject and in Contrast, we know the perfect angle for your photoshoot be it corporate, weddings, celebrations, portraits, food, etc. The best thing about memories is making them and we ensure that memories are everlasting in its most precious form.

WHY CONTRAST “CONTRAST” – the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association. Our team is equipped with the best skills and experience in photography to give you the best quality image output. Our photography process involves artistic creativity, idea generation, and expert execution, paying close attention to detail to create a unique masterpiece. At Contrast Production, our team oversees each project with attention to detail. We give you attention before, during, and after the project to add your valuable input while also guiding you through the project. We offer tailor-made solutions for your project including photography, videography, lighting, and editing. Booking us for your next photoshoot ensures that you get the most out of your project and/or event. Since the inception of Contrast Production, we have walked this journey with many esteemed and supportive clients who gave us an opportunity to create amazing content. With experience and a wide portfolio of successful projects, we have learned many lessons, techniques, and trends in the industry and now we welcome you to be part of the experience.

One could say that we add value to photography and videography in contrast to others in the industry. Let us – the experts assist you in creating timeless masterpieces. Get a quote today.

Fadi Khoury

A lawyer by training, My passion for lighting and photography saw me swap the corridors of justice for the lenses. Having 7 years of experience in the field makes me an expert in lighting and photography. One of my notable mentions is that I has previously worked on documentaries with the UN. I also doubles up as a trainer – with more than 35 trainees graduating from my program as well. It has been said by many clients that I create a friendly and comfortable environment during photo sessions thus resulting in amazing portrait stills. I am able to bring out the true personality of a subject and capture its essence with the use of perfect angles.

Niddal Abdoush

Born to a family of artists, I have been snapping amazing photos since I was just sixteen- later graduating with a degree in fine arts from Damascus University and having over eight years of experience. I am an expert in film making and cinematography. I direct the shoot to a point of perfection to ensure that the series of shots taken make and masterpiece. No job is too big or small as I believe that every shoot demands creativity and mastering be it a wedding, advert, or creative short film.

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